Learn about Projects for The Commonwealth of Kentucky, including Kentucky Capitol Annex, University of Kentucky, Kroger Field, and Abraham Lincoln Bridge.

Kentucky Capitol Annex

The Capitol Annex currently houses Legislative and Administrative offices, including the Office of Financial Management. It was financed with an appropriation from the General Assembly in 1946, and proceeds of the 1950 inaugural issue of the State Property and Buildings Commission, Project No. 1.

Located across from the south lawn of the Capitol, it is styled with a limestone façade, brick terrace, and balustrades mimicking the Capitol building.  The Annex was originally intended to serve as a judiciary building, but with the addition of bond proceeds, it was possible to fund the construction of a more substantial office structure. Construction began in 1950, and the building was fully occupied by September 1952.

University of Kentucky, Kroger Field

Built-in 1973, originally named Commonwealth Stadium was expanded and renovated in 1999 using $24 million in bond proceeds from State Property and Buildings Commission Revenue Bonds, Project No. 66.  Proceeds of $110 million from the University of Kentucky General Receipts Bonds, 2014A and 2014C financed the 2015 renovation and rebranding of the stadium, now called Kroger Field.

Abraham Lincoln Bridge

The Commonwealth of Kentucky and Indiana worked for more than 40 years to develop an improved cross-river mobility project between Louisville, KY and Clark County, IN. The Louisville-Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges Project is comprised of two segments. The Downtown Crossing Segment (pictured) and the East End Crossing Segment.  The Kentucky Public Transportation Infrastructure Authority was responsible for constructing and financing the Downtown Crossing Segment with a combination of toll revenue bonds, Kentucky Asset/Liability Commission Bonds, a Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act Loan, and State Highway Plan Cash.

Rupp Arena at Central Bank Center

In 2019, a $241 million project to renovate Rupp Arena and the Lexington Convention Center began after receiving $60 million in bond funding from the Commonwealth’s State Property and Buildings Commission, Project No. 119. Construction is scheduled to be completed in 2022 and will include over 100,000 sq. ft. of exhibition space and a dramatically updated exterior.

Kentucky International Convention Center

Bond proceeds funded renovations completed in 2018, which expanded the Kentucky International Convention Center over 50,000 square feet within the existing footprint in downtown Louisville. $43.9 million in bond proceeds were used from State Property and Buildings Commission, Project No. 108, Project No. 110, and Project No. 117B.